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We are pleased to be working under Covid Guidelines for your continued safety. 

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Professional, confidential and individually tailored treatment

If you are here, you are probably interested in making an improvement in your life through the power of touch.

Whether you require Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Myfofascial Release Therapy, Indian Head Massage or Angelic Reiki you can expect a professional, confidential and individually tailored treatment, often combining different modalities to ensure that you have a positive outcome and you leave the Treatment Room feeling nourished and nurtured.

Samantha is the owner of Little Oasis Therapies and is a fully insured, experienced Level 4 Therapist working at her Treatment Room located between Abergavenny and Crickhowell.

All treatments are carried out under strict Covid-19 guidelines.


We consider the whole person: mind, body, spirit and emotions

What to expect

Each treatment begins with a full and frank conversation with regard to your medical history, lifestyle and hobbies, as well as your expectations of the treatment. This is all relevant to ensure your treatment will match what you require and how your body reacts to your life, in order that we can achieve the best possible results.

Please be assured that all treatments are strictly confidential.

Samantha will consider the whole person, mind, body, spirit and emotions. Each treatment is tailored for the individual, and once underway, having checked in with you for pressure and tender areas, you are encouraged to give yourself permission to relax, safe in Samantha's hands.

After the treatment, once dressed, we will take some time to reflect on the treatment session, assess on going self-care and agree an on-going treatment plan.

Covid-19 precautions and treatment

This is to confirm that Samantha has completed the course so that she is fully compliant with the new regulations.


Fascia and muscle tension released gently without force, harshness or pain


Samantha believes that treatments should not be hurried or painful, preferring to work in slow rhythmic sync with your body, releasing fascia and muscle tension gently without force, harshness or pain. All treatments are carried out with the use of drapes to maintain modesty at all times.

Holistic Massage

Well known as a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. Samantha uses wax (vegan wax available on request) with an array of techniques to allow the smooth stretch of muscles which in turn improves the body's circulation and releasing stress within the body.

Benefits of Holistic Massage

  • Relaxation
  • Release tired and stiff muscles due to sport, poor posture or overworking
  • Known to boost energy levels
  • Can aid sleep
  • Can relieve symptoms of headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, stress, anxiety and depression


Reflexology is a non-invasive touch therapy that is shown to be very effective in promoting deep relaxation and wellbeing. It can help to reduce stress in people’s lives which in turn can lead to better health.

The theory of Reflexology is that different points of the foot or hands, (known as reflexes), correspond to different areas (or zones) of the body and these reflexes can be worked on to improve the client’s comfort. The whole of the body can be treated or specific points, depending on the client’s situation. Again, this treatment is tailored to suit the individual client.

Reflexology provides a period of time for relaxation, a time when the client is away from the hustle and bustle of life and can receive some supportive attention.

As a complementary therapy, it is safe for clients to use with other treatments be it clinical or holistic.

Myofascial Release Therapy

A gentle and non intrusive therapy working skin on skin. It is used to treat trauma within the body.

Benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy

  • Shown to help improve skeletal muscle immortality and pain
  • Shown to improve blood circulation, lymphatic, stimulate the stretch reflex within the muscles.

Indian Head Massage

This is a safe, simple and highly beneficial therapy that helps you to relax and restore. Usually seated, using wax (vegan wax on request) and involves massage, kneading, champinage, light hair pulling, working on your shoulders, upper back, upper chest, neck, head and face.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

  • Shown to improve concentration
  • Helps renew energy levels
  • Relaxes whole body
  • Can help reduce stress levels

Angelic Reiki

A very gentle treatment to help you to heal your soul from sickness and ease blockages.

Benefits of Angelic Reiki

  • Shown to help with pain management
  • Can relieve symptoms of tension and stress
  • May improve relaxation, self esteem, health and general well-being



Appointment Days

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday am

Treatment Prices

60 minute appointment: £40

90 minute appointment: £60

Longer treatments are available by request.


Treatment at home within a 15 mile radius


Payments can be made by cash or debit/credit card at the time of appointment. Prepayment by bank transfer available on request.

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Whilst we understand that life sometimes gets in the way of things, unfortunately we have to have a cancellation policy to ensure the smooth running of the business. Your treatment appointment is reserved specifically for you. We therefore ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Late cancellations or "no show" appointments cost us precious time and money. If we receive less than 24 hours notice of cancellation a "no show" fee of £20 will be charged. If we receive less than 2 hours notice of cancellation, the full cost of the treatment will be charged. No further bookings will be made until this charge has been paid. No shows cause disruption and could prevent someone else having the appointment slot in your place if no notice has been given of your non attendance. Thank you for your understanding.